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Lord of the Rings Reunion is Successful

Nobody would’ve anticipated that the novel coronavirus would bring old castmates from Lord of the Rings back together. This follows after the group of notable actors hadn’t been seen for 10+ years, bringing fans of the original trilogy plenty of

Blacklisting Huawei Grows More Successful

The United States has aggressively approached the economic war with China. This economic situation was beginning to distance itself from recent memories when the novel coronavirus pandemic unfolded worldwide. This prompted governments worldwide to question if the Chinese purposely released

The Grocery Stores Successful with Social Distancing

Purchasing our groceries is essential for survival, as it’s the primary way we receive our protein. Throughout the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, grocery stores have been necessary for daily survival. Nations like Italy and the United States have implemented specific measures

New Zealand Successful in Defeating COVID-19

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern said that the country in the process of turning a corner with its battle against the coronavirus after the country recorded its lowest number of new cases this week. Ardern said this

Japan’s Success with COVID-19 Becomes Integral Focus

Coronavirus infections throughout Japan have been minimal since the pandemic broke out in January 2020. Those infection percentages are expected to increase exponentially throughout the next weeks, with healthcare experts and government politicians warning the public to prepare themselves for

Bahrain Claims Hydroxychloroquine Treats Covid-19

Medical officials in Bahrain are claiming that Hydroxychloroquine is the best possible treating for Covid-19. This follows after Advisors claimed this Anti-Malarial Drug was successfully used in Bahrain. It should be noted that this information was provided through a State-Run

South Korea Success Rates Increasing with Covid-19

Medical officials worldwide are suggesting that nations emulate the Covid-19 Model from South Korea. This follows after the pandemic continued to drop drastically in South Korea, which has more than fifty million citizens. March 22nd marked the date where seventy-four

Taiwan’s Early Protocols Successful

The World Health Organization is praising the actions of Taiwanese Health Officials, who ensures minimal risk of the coronavirus to 23+ million citizens. Considering that Taiwan was expected to experience the second-highest level of confirmed cases, it’s surprising that there

Drive to Survive Becomes Successful

The Netflix Television Series known as “Drive to Survive” has become a commercial success after the second season. Individuals connected to formula one has praised the new way to showcase their drivers, with Ross Brawn indicating it’s the perfect way

Swedish Armed Forces Successfully Prepare for COVID-19

Authorities in Sweden have determined that the risk and spread of the coronavirus in Sweden is low. However, to be prepared should there be an outbreak in the country, the Swedish Armed Forces conducted exercises with a mobile lab to