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Giannis Antetokounmpo Opting to Ignore Media Coverage

Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks are going into their first round matchup for the NBA playoffs against the Orlando Magic as the top contender. That has the press buzzing with excitement and making predictions on the first round outcome.

Microsoft Reaching for Success in TikTok Acquisition

The Video-sharing application known as TikTok could be sold to Microsoft. This follows after the technology conglomerate announced that they’d held continued discussions with the Trump Administration, hoping to receive clearance to begin acquisition delegations with ByteDance. The most recent

Greyhound’s Success Drives Apple Deeper into Film

Inside sources with the Apple Company have indicated that their streaming division will begin to invest in films extensively. This follows after Greyhound was released to Apple TV+, a blockbuster movie that was initially produced by Sony Pictures. After significant

The Last of Us Two Storyline Becomes Unsuccessful

Millions of PlayStation gamers are disgusted in Naughty Dog, a developer that infamous for creating the best storylines seen in modern era gaming. This hasn’t been the case with “The Last of Us II”, which has received significant criticism over

LA National Guard Mission Deemed Successful

The Los Angeles Police Department received assistance from their local National Guard, which was sustained throughout 72 Hours. Initially planned for several days throughout burrows in Los Angeles, the timeframe was decreased after protests became peaceful. An influx of demonstrations

Lord of the Rings Reunion is Successful

Nobody would’ve anticipated that the novel coronavirus would bring old castmates from Lord of the Rings back together. This follows after the group of notable actors hadn’t been seen for 10+ years, bringing fans of the original trilogy plenty of

Blacklisting Huawei Grows More Successful

The United States has aggressively approached the economic war with China. This economic situation was beginning to distance itself from recent memories when the novel coronavirus pandemic unfolded worldwide. This prompted governments worldwide to question if the Chinese purposely released

The Grocery Stores Successful with Social Distancing

Purchasing our groceries is essential for survival, as it’s the primary way we receive our protein. Throughout the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, grocery stores have been necessary for daily survival. Nations like Italy and the United States have implemented specific measures

New Zealand Successful in Defeating COVID-19

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern said that the country in the process of turning a corner with its battle against the coronavirus after the country recorded its lowest number of new cases this week. Ardern said this

Japan’s Success with COVID-19 Becomes Integral Focus

Coronavirus infections throughout Japan have been minimal since the pandemic broke out in January 2020. Those infection percentages are expected to increase exponentially throughout the next weeks, with healthcare experts and government politicians warning the public to prepare themselves for