The Grocery Stores Successful with Social Distancing

Purchasing our groceries is essential for survival, as it’s the primary way we receive our protein. Throughout the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, grocery stores have been necessary for daily survival. Nations like Italy and the United States have implemented specific measures for consumer safety, with this extending towards Canada. Below we’ve compiled statistical data from various grocery chains throughout North America. These companies have been praised for their specific measures, which ensures a smooth transition for consumers when shopping.

No Frills

The 1st notable chain comes from Canada, with that being No Frills. They were one of the 1st grocery chains to implement the One-Way Lane System, which requires that consumers travel Aisle-by-Aisle with crossing paths in opposite directions. This means arrows are pointing towards a single course that consumers must follow, staff with No Frills have the option to remove somebody that isn’t abiding by the rules. Statistical data reveals that overwhelming numbers indicate consumers following the single-direction lanes. There have been other corporations to implement similar measures, with those companies being on a location-to-location basis. No Frills is one of the few demanding that franchisees abide by the temporary regulations.


North American Retailer Sobeys has implemented extensive measures with their stores. Consumers cannot exceed the limit of 50+ per store, ensuring that social distancing is practised. There are selected franchisees that have placed signs throughout their stores, which inform customers to remain outside the aisle if someone else is shopping. This is increasing wait times through Sobeys in the United States. It should be mentioned that these temporary measures aren’t inflicted onto Canadian retailers. This is because the coronavirus pandemic is Canada is considerably less than that of America.

Statistical Data

It should be mentioned that statistical data often fluctuates depending on the size of retail spaces. Temporary measures imposed don’t define the statistical data, only consumer safety. Smaller retailer spaces with grocery chains like Trader Joes have worse percentages when looking at social distancing. However, their measures are identical to Sobeys. Analysis of these brands will continue, and updates will be provided to customers, informing them of the best possible location for shopping.