Successful Sports Bettor’s Mind

Finding the answer could come from a very unexpected or even unrelated source, yet one of the most successful sports bettors, recently shared how his success started. What he discovered was that the wrong focus is the problem for not getting the desired results, although it only became clear once he spoke to his best friend, who was a fitness trainer.

When the fitness trainer was asked what the best way is to get a six pack, he answered that most people believe that training hard, and going to the gym is what is needed. It is not, going to the gym and training hard is 30% of what is needed is to get the 70% right, which is what you eat, combine the two and you have a 6-pack.

Betting Success Works Same Way as Success at Gym

In sports betting people focus on picks, which are only 30% of successful betting, many places importance on other punter’s bets, read through many forums, allow Twitter to influence their decisions and others try to watch every game. It is actually very much true in betting as it is in the old saying that you could feed a man for a day by giving him a fish, although if you want to feed that same man for the rest of his life, you would need to teach him how to fish for himself.

Success Lies in Focussing on the Missing 70% & Combining it with the 30%

If you wonder what exactly the 70% is that is missing form betting, the answer is three-fold, statistics/game research, handicaps and betting theory authors. The three golden rules in betting success are to stop wasting your time by following others or copying the betting others use. Probably the biggest mistake of all is to bet without understanding the odds, basic probability or the basic statistics completely. It is the main key to successful betting and if you’re not an expert in it, take time to learn all about it. The one thing that you should understand is the odds, once you understand what you pay when you place a bet and combine it with your knowledge of the basic statistics, your whole way of betting will change.

Every single bookmaker uses statistics they never set the odds on how they feel or base it on something they read, a successful punter and a successful business understand the importance of statistics. Think about it, most companies spend millions if not billions on research and statistics, and at the same time answer the question how can they afford it? The answer is they know how important it is, they know it is the only recipe to success that works and in order to understand the statistics they first learn how to understand the basics and the more they read it and work with it the better their knowledge gets and the better their results are year after year.