Betting on Darts

Darts betting has increased dramatically in popularity over the past decade, and it is now one of the fastest markets in the online betting industry. Darts games take place via a fixed number of games named legs, each match can be dived into two sets. In each set, there are a fixed number of legs, and each of these is played by two players, each aiming to reduce the initial score to zero from the starting score of 501.

Professional darts, since 1993 is split into two separate organisations, which includes the PDC – the Professional Darts Corporation and the BDO, which is the British Darts Organisation.

The Basics of Dart Betting

With the Pinnacle there are several ways to place bets on darts, punters can choose from several opportunities and a variety of betting formats, these include the darts leg handicap betting, 1 x 2 darts betting, outright market betting, and total legs betting.

1 x 2 Darts Betting

This is the easiest betting option to start off with and therefore the most popular. The bet is also straightforward and requires bettors to bet on the winner of the match.

Leg Handicap Betting in Darts

This betting takes place when one of the participants in the dart game is favoured over the others. To counter the bias in ability, the bookmaker will then offer a handicap of legs, which levels the playing field.

The legs are then in most case added to the final score of the game, and the winner is then the player that achieves the win with the additions. On paper, it is a miss-match although it can be quite profitable in the early stage of the competition.

Outright Darts Betting

Dart enthusiast’s places bets on the winner of the tournament and in outright betting the punter can predict the route of each player once the draw has been made. In the PDC format of dart games, there are always one or more players who will be shortlisted as favourites, while the BDO is more a more open betting round.

Total Legs Betting in Darts

In the total legs betting the punter is allowed to place bets on the total number of legs played by both players and whether it would be over or under the value set.

The Most Popular BDO and PDC Competitions

The PDC World Darts Championship is considered at the elite event of darts, and it takes place at the Alexandra Palace every year. The World Darts Championship BDO is the world championship that starts once the PDC is over at the Lakeside and it is also a yearly championship.

Premier League takes place between the four top players in the world plus four wildcards and all matched is played “the best out of the fourteen legs”, although once a player reaches eight legs, the matched is ended.

The UK Open is the event where amateurs get to play professional players, and this is a random draw. Currently, it is the only darts event that puts randomly drawn opponents against each other, which also offers exciting betting options.