Successful Sportsmen & Their Love for Cigars & Gambling

Could the love for cigars during gambling sessions be the work of Vegas Casinos or is it just that drinks and cigars at the many tables are sorts of a tradition. When over 7,681 posts appear online to ask if some of the casinos in Vegas provide gamblers with free drinks and cigars, several of the casinos answered yes.

On the other hand, many cigar companies use the phrase. Unleash the rambling gambler in you by enjoying your gambler cigars, which is necessary if you want to enjoy the ultimate gambling experience, online or in Vegas, or so many believe. Cigars are what you enjoy during good times and smoking them offers maximum enjoyment. Cigars are also the perfect fit for top sports stars such as Alex Rodriquez of the New York Yankees. He was photographed enjoying a cigar when he became the youngest to hit 500 home runs.

New York Yankees’ Alex Rodrigues Do Like Cigars

After signing a 10-year contract that offers a record-breaking amount of $275 million, Rodrigues became the highest baseball player. He earned a further fortune from endorsements that included Topps, Rawlings and Nike. While enjoying his wealth, Alex Rodriguez went through a divorce after rumour had spread that he’d had an affair with singer Madonna. This became a costly affair and Rodrigues had to sell his house at a lower price than the $14.9 million he hoped to settle with ex-wife Cynthia.

Baseball’s Michael Jordon Also Loves His Cigars

Even as a retired basketball superstar, Michael Jordan still earns around $800 million a year in royalties from the Nike Jordan Brand sales. Which is the reason that Jordon spent his money freely? Esquinas once claimed in his book that he won $1.25 million from Jordan in a bet. The highest settlement the sports superstar had to pay over was the $168 million settlement to ex-wife Juanita, or so he says. There are several wild gambling stories about Michael Jordan. He is known for hating to lose, so he was often seen to relax at casino tables where he spent most his time gambling. He usually only got an hour’s sleep when he played poker alongside Charles Barkley and Magic Johnson or Scottie Pippen.

Jordon once shared that he smoked his very first cigar in 1991 after winning the championship and up to that time he never smoked anything. The second time he smoked a cigar was with his terrific friend Ahmad Rashad who got his cigars dipped in rum from Las Vegas. He then started smoking Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas. He never rushes through a cigar as they meant to be enjoyed. Jordan feels that smoking a cigar is the most relaxing thing anyone can do. It gets to a point where everything comes to him, he sits back, lights a cigar and loves it. He loves Cuban cigars, and his favourite is Partagas Lusitanias.