ACCA Betting Explained

ACCA or accumulator bets are one of the most popular choices at online bookies as they offer massive returns without demanding higher stakes. As with any other major winning opportunity, the ACCA betting option includes more risk than a regular straight bet as you’ll be depending on the result of multiple events before gaining the big profit.

The accumulator betting option is widely available and a great choice for those seeking the best possible rewards on multiple events. It can be used on multiple sports, and each ACCA bet doesn’t have to in the same series or even sport as many bookies allow bettors to mix and match the ACCA events and score big with the way they want to wager.

In this article, we look at the basics of an ACCA bet, how it works and what you need to know about the risks involved.

Why are ACCA Bets so Valuable?

The accumulator betting option basically invests the winning from one event into the next multiple times. Therefore, the move events are involved with your ACCA bet. The bigger your profits become as the stake is increased each time, thanks to the winnings each match has to offer.

For example, if you bet on four events with an ACCA setup that have odds of 1.6 each and a starting bet of just 10.00, it means the first match would have a bet of 10.00, which would yield winnings of 16.00 in addition to the 10.00 you’ve wagered. Therefore, the second match in your ACCA would have a total bet of 26.00, and this would result in winning of 41.60 on top of the wagering 16.00, meaning match 3 would have a starting bet of 67.60, giving you a win of 176.76. Finally, the last round of the 4 leg ACCA would offer a total return of 456.98, which is a huge profit, considering you only wagered 10.00.

It’s easy to calculate the total odds of any accumulator bet as you simply need to multiply the odds of each even with each other. For example, the ACCA we mentioned above consists of 4 events with odds of 1.6 each. Therefore, to calculate the total odds, we would multiply them with each other (1.6×1.6×1.6×1.6), giving you odds of 6.5536.

ACCA bets can also reach much longer legs, which simply requires you to add more events to the ACCA, boosting your winnings even more. For example, if you add another event with odds of 1.6 to the above string, the results would be 1178.14, followed by 3,079.16.

The Risks of ACCA

The accumulator betting option does include risk for the better as no return would be generated if any of those events result in a loss. For example, if you have a seven leg ACCA and the last leg losses, none of your funds are returned. It’s important to remember an ACCA bet is the same as you playing on the first event with 10.00 and then betting all the money on the second, third, fourth and fifth event.