Monthly Archives: December 2020

Sorare Partners with Gerard Pique

Partnerships are announced regularly for the sportsbetting industry, with two corporate entities reaching an agreement to further growth in various markets across Europe. There are instances where players partner alongside prominent sportsbooks & casinos, with that being considerably rarer. Headlines

UKGC Reports Industry-Wide Growth

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is using the coronavirus pandemic to incentivize better their continued regulation & efforts to eliminate operators from the gambling industry. Reports released by the UKGC suggest that significant growth was earned through legislative orders that

SportRadar Announce Company Transformation

An unexpected announcement was issued by SportRadar on December 14th, with the company announcing it’ll being reorganizing its entire operations before making a strategic charge towards regionalised approach. Executives at SportRadar believe this method will continue supporting future growth, with

Optimove Partners with Blue Ribbon

Partnership agreements defining sportsbooks & casinos are announced regularly, showing industry growth continues after two decades of operation. The latest partnership confirmed comes from Optimove & Blue Ribbon, which will work alongside each other to enhance player retention programs for

Polish Basketball League Partners with Genius Sports Group

Broadcast distribution for sporting institutions is significant, with the selected broadcaster defining viewership popularity. There have been instances of leagues changing their host & finding themselves losing thousands of supporters. Broadcast distribution has changed recently, with distributed content extending beyond