Monthly Archives: October 2019

Sports Betting Back in Oregon

It has been a very long time since House Bill 3466 banned any sports betting within the state. Before then, they only had the limited option of placing paper-parlays on NFL games, but even that was no more. Now a

Flutter Entertainment Going Global

The Dublin based sports betting provider is already home to Paddy Power and Betfair as well as the fantasy sports provider, FanDuel based in New York. Now Flutter is standing on the brink of becoming even more significant with an

Most Popular Sports to Place Your Bets

So far, 2019 is yet another year in which sports betting is only thriving to a higher degree than the previous year. More and more people dip their toes in the exciting world of sports betting with a lot of

Stricter Legislation for Sports Sponsorships

There was a time when tobacco companies dominated the world of sports. Cups, challenges and tournaments carried their names. The iconic red, white and black Marlboro cigarette boxes were a prominent feature on Formula 1 tracks, and then tobacco legislation