JVH Partners with Kambi

Sportsbetting opportunities in the Netherlands will grow predominantly in the upcoming twelve months. Announcements from the Kambi Group confirmed a partnership agreement with JVH Gaming & Entertainment, Netherlands most prominent operator of retail betting services. Months from now there’ll be legalized approval for online gambling in the Netherlands, with JVH Gaming & Entertainment guaranteed betting licenses by Summer 2021. Reaching a partnership agreement with the Kambi Group allows JVH to provide upcoming players with influential sportsbetting services.

Retail gambling in the Netherlands is influential, with the nation supporting few methods of entertainment for civilians. It’s resulted in JVH Gaming & Entertainment sustaining eighty locations in the Netherlands, with that figure not accounting for competing operators. An average of four million customers visit these eighty locations, with two million more documented at competing casinos in the far-off nation. Sentiments regarded by the Kambi Group mention that entering the Netherlands required government regulation, a crucial component for any casino wanting access to their digital platforms.

The Executives React

Kristian Nylén, Chief Executive Officer of the Kambi Group, discussed the partnership accountment. CEO Nylén notified reporting personnel that his corporation is pleased to have finalized this contract agreement with JVH Gaming & Entertainment. It’s remarked that this partnership benefits both parties, capitalising on upcoming regulation for the Dutch marketplace.

Statements were released by JVH Gaming & Entertainment, with CEO Eric Older notifying Dutch reporters that partnering with Kambi influences a strategic milestone for JVHs strategic aspirations. Comments issued by CEO Eric Older incentivized that premium content is arriving in the new year & that confidence is growing behind the reality of giving players a formidable sportsbetting experience. Clarification was given that confidence is growing after registering partnerships with Evolution Gaming & the Kambi Group, giving JVH Gaming & Entertainment an incredible portfolio of titles for Summer 2021.