Formula One Betting Exhilaration

In Formula One drivers have to be amazing and that is just to be average, it is the one sports event that needs absolutely no introduction. It is sports at its best, it’s a prestige event that offers fans high-speed glamour, and it is the pinnacle of motorsport, pushing the boundaries or design, engineering and science.

Millions of fans count down the days to the start of the next season, Formula One offers indulgent entertainment, and one of the ways keen racing enthusiasts can be part of the action is to place bets on their favourite team or driver. Betting on racing, such as Formula One is still considered as a niche market, although with hundreds of sportsbooks available as well as online statistical analysis, there are plenty of ways to approach this type of sports betting.

World’s Best Single-Seater Drivers

Formula One is where the best single-seater drivers in the world compete against each other in the fastest and most technologically-advanced cars. Since its debut in 1950 and with Formula One being Governed by the (FIA) it remained the premier racing series. The betting variety in Formula One racing includes the yearly outcome of the best driver and the constructor’s championship, while seasonal special bets also include betting on new drivers and whether they will qualify. Currently, the betting also includes the Lewis Hamilton specials and whether he would score more points than Valtteri Bottas in 2019, while Hamilton fans can also now predict if he would finish in the 2019 top three drivers, and whether or not he would enjoy a podium finish in the opening race.

Formula One Championship

In its current capacity, Formula One is made up to eleven teams with each participating via two cars, on racing weekends the teams take part in free practice sessions, each driver can participate in three, after which the qualifying format is made up from three parts and then it is the main race.

While the qualifying and practice rounds are amazing to view, the most important part is the race itself, and drivers are rewarded via a point system according to the highest finishing position. The driver ending in first gain 25 Formula One point per race; second place offers a point total of 18, and by finishing in third, the driver qualifies for 15 points. More points are awarded to others achieving up to the tenth position, and the scoring reduces gradually with the positions.

With 20 drivers lining up at the start line ahead of the race there are actually over 2,432,902,008,176,640,000 combinations of the outcome of a race. This is where all the opportunities exist for punters, it is the fast-pace and sheer complexity that keeps millions of fans cheering for the sport, and with its fast-changing nature it is never the same, never boring and always adrenalin-pumping, especially when you stand to make quite a bit of cash on the end result.