Top Sportsbetting Trends in 2019

Spectrum Gaming Group, an independent consultancy group, specialised in the economics, policies and regulation of legalised gambling throughout the globe forecasts a top global trend that indicates extensive growth in what it calls “integrated resorts” for 2019.

Its annual anticipative report, developed in a cooperative effort with Asian eSports advisors and gaming sports groups, predicts 2019s Most Important Trends worth monitoring by the global gaming industry.

Integrated resorts refer to family-oriented entertainment venues offering integrated casinos as part of their amusement services. These types of cohesive entertainment facilities have become one of the fast-growing trends in the Middle East and Asian continent, with areas like Singapore and Japan expected to follow the movement in the near future, with Cyprus planning to launch City of Dreams Mediterranean in 2021.

Leading gaming brands have also begun to probe into potential future investment opportunities offered by traditionally non-gambling ventures with key brand leader. One of those was Caesars Entertainment, who recently announced the launch dates of its two first Dubai-based non-gambling related entertainment venues.

According to a company press release the group earmarked the 29th of November for opening The Cove Beach Club, followed by The Residences and Bluewaters at Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai with both ready to accept their first guests by the 15th of November, whereas the Caesars Resort Bluewaters Dubai opening ceremony will follow in December. In addition, the Caesars group has another integrated resort under development at a location in Incheon, South Korea and also made it known of their interest to develop another integrated resort and are looking at locations in Japan.

US Sportsbetting Market

In the wake of the US Supreme Court’s decision to judicially overturn the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) also known as the Bradley Act in May this year, US states Mississippi, Delaware, West Virginia, Delaware, and New Jersey passed new laws prior to the establishment of the expected slew of new bookmakers within state boundaries.

In October this year, New Mexico’s Santa Ana tribe included sports betting as an option in their state sanctioned gaming agreement. Rhode Island and Pennsylvania legal systems approved legalising sportsbooks back in 2018 already, but no sportsbooks have for the moment not opened within their borders due to the lack of regulatory oversight and laws with plans for both still in the pipeline. New York partially legalised sports betting, however, no outlets have taken any bets for similar reasons.

In the light of the current local political climate expectations see Indiana, the District of Columbia, and Colorado soon legalising sports betting, bringing the total number of states with legalised sports betting to nine. According to a separate report, Spectrum forecasts predict US states allowing legalised sports betting should rapidly overtake top-tier European markets to generate a higher per capita gross gaming revenue.

World Trends

Early indicators foresee an increased number of global jurisdictions approve integrated resorts. Asian markets and China, in particular, will increasingly scrutinise the online gaming market, paying closer attention to operators streaming to mainland China from locations in Cambodia and the Philippines.