Monthly Archives: May 2020

Britain’s COVID-19 Vaccine Success Rate

Locating a vaccine for the novel coronavirus has become one of the most significant scientific goals in the 21st century. There hasn’t been a pandemic of this magnitude since the black plague, prompting scientists worldwide to begin finding the cure.

Blacklisting Huawei Grows More Successful

The United States has aggressively approached the economic war with China. This economic situation was beginning to distance itself from recent memories when the novel coronavirus pandemic unfolded worldwide. This prompted governments worldwide to question if the Chinese purposely released

New Zealand Successful in Stopping Coronavirus Spread

There have been multiple countries worldwide to succeed in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Various nations throughout Asia found themselves in suitable conditions with minor infections and deaths. Western nations like the United Kingdom and the United States have experienced

Coronavirus Testing in Vietnam is Successful

COVID-19 has barely affected Vietnam, with local politicians immediately implementing travel restrictions and social distancing measure after the virus went global. It’s allowed for no confirmed infections in nine days, with their recorded cases remaining at 270. The Vietnam Ministry