Biggest Sportswear Companies Worldwide

The Statistics Portal ranks sportswear manufacturers and sporting goods according to revenues around the globe and out of all companies the one that generated more revenue than any other was Nike. The company that created the most income entirely to 36.4 billion in a year is Nike and Adidas was the second biggest when measured according to revenue statistics.

Revenue of Sportswear & Sporting Goods Companies

The most dominant sporting goods and sportswear companies in the world in 2018 was Nike and Adidas; the two companies combine reached revenue adding up to almost 62 billion dollars.
Nike was founded early in 1964. This American corporation started as Blue Ribbon Sports and only became Nike a few years later when it officially changed its name in mid-1971 to Nike, Inc. By 2015 the company’s revenue exceeded 30 billion dollars, worldwide, which was double the figures the company enjoyed in 2005.

By 2018 the worldwide Nike retail store count reached well over 1,150 and a large portion of the income was in the success of the Nike footwear which reached more than 21 billion dollars in 2016. Which is major when compared to Adidas making 10.36 billion dollars in the same year.

Nike is also the most prominent manufacturer and supplier of athletic shoes worldwide and acquired several smaller footwear manufacturers including Bauer Hockey, Cole Hann, Converse, Starter and Umbro as well as Hurley International. At the moment 23% of the global footwear designed for athletic purposes belongs to Nike. Even in footwear, the main competitor of Nike is Adidas, which is headquartered in Germany. The Adidas group produces around 360 million pairs of athletic shoes a year; these are sold under different brand names including TaylorMade, Reebok and Adidas. And like with Nike the most profitable category for Adidas worldwide is their athletic footwear.
Nike employs around 80,000 individuals worldwide and sponsors many companies and is also involved with college athletics and professional sports events. Fitness and sports clothing is a highly competitive environment and competing with high-end fashion brands are much more robust than it looks.


Founded in 1949, Adidas was started after a rift between brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, Rudolf began to Puma and Adolf Adidas. By 2017, the Adidas brand reached revenue worldwide of 19 billion euros, which makes it the second in the world when it comes to significant sportswear manufacturers. Adidas sales can be divided into three categories. These include hardware, apparel and footwear.

Its largest market remains Western Europe where 29% of all sales originated form in 2017. When the markets are compared 18% of Adidas sales comes from greater China and 21% from North America. Some of the other major competitors in sportswear and athletic shoes are Puma, Reebok and Under Armour. Nike running apps was one of the most successful marketing ideas ever. It is still used by millions of runners across the globe since it is the most popular running app on both Android and iOS.