Success in Life and In Sports

For many, success is winning, whether it is in life or in sport, and for many, is also the ultimate goal. In life, this goal is measured in prestige, financial wealth and power. In sports, winning is ending with the top score and ultimately winning the championship.

Winning According to Coach John Wooden

Success or winning means having peace of mind according to Coach John Wooden. It is the feeling created as a result of self-satisfaction when a person knows he/she did their best. Coach Wooden is one of the best basketball college coaches in the world as well as the history of the sport. Both as coach and player, Wooden was the first to cherish the Hall of Fame, and at UCLA his 10 NCAA championships are still not matched.

Keys to the Success of Coach John Wooden

Inspiring and motivating his team is the keys that unlock success for Coach Wooden. He believes sticking to the basic principles and fundamentals is his success. Every year his first coaching session is the same telling players he is not going to talk about losing or winning as those are by-products of preparation. Success is finding peace of mind, and he wants each and every one of his players to enjoy true success.

What is Failing According to Coach Wooden

According to Wooden, failing is what follows when you fail to prepare. It is true in life and in sport. Preparing is reading yourself by acquiring all the necessary knowledge and skills to become the best version of you. All emphasise fall on building a team member’s character rather than his reputation. Wooden lives by several golden rules the first is to never compare yourself to anyone else only to the best version of yourself and how to better that. He believes athletes and all individuals should learn like there is no end, like they have the rest of their lives, that it would never end. Success is never being or trying to be better than someone else. It is learning to reach your top level of competency. Only you get to determine your best, and at the end, it is vital to not allow yourself to become over-involved in that what is not in your control. Instead, focus at the things you do have control over.

Wooden had Seven Golden Rules form the day he left School

Wooden calls these his creed, it is seven points he lives by, and they include drinking deeply from the pages of great books. It involves always helping those around you, building your shelter for when a rainy day may arrive so that at the end of every day you should sit back and look at what a masterpiece your day was. Lastly, he feels you need to always remain true to you. Wooden remains one of the most respected coaches ever. He is also the most successful and never stops sharing that hard work, integrity, and personal responsibility is where true success lies.