Monthly Archives: January 2020

Employee Success at Volvo

There aren’t many corporations that provide valid incentives to their employees. This is especially true amongst North Americans, where retirement packages have become non-existent. When it applies to European citizens, they are provided with additional incentives to increase the efficiency

SpaceX Successfully Launches Dragon Crew Capsule

NASA will be flown into space by an American company for the first time in years. This follows after SpaceX confirmed they’d completed their final test for the Dragon Crew Capsule, which is slated to take NASA astronauts to the

The Most Successful Free-to-Play Game for December

Video game analysts were shocked by the December statistics released by PlayStation Inc. These statistics noted that Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends had defeated Fortnite for the most download free-to-play title in the last month of the decade. This marked the

Netflix’s The Witcher a Critical Success

The Netflix Corporation has become the most significant television company worldwide, creating shows that have become cult classics. These include notable shows like the Stranger Things or House of Cards. When people were beginning to believe that Netflix’s time to