Employee Success at Volvo

There aren’t many corporations that provide valid incentives to their employees. This is especially true amongst North Americans, where retirement packages have become non-existent. When it applies to European citizens, they are provided with additional incentives to increase the efficiency of their workloads. This applies to the Volvo Corporation, which provides leadership opportunities to employees through the Operations Development Program. First implemented in 2010, this program is applicable across all sectors with Volvo’s internal operations. This extends to their headquarters in Sweden and international properties. Those wanting to apply for this program will require some variation of a master’s degree, with more than twelve months of experience at Volvo. This corporation receives five thousand internal applicants yearly, with 5% selected for leadership positions in home-based and international markets.

Since the program began in 2010, there have been more than two hundred graduates. 85% of those that completed their leadership training have remained with the Volvo corporation. 60% of graduated members have kept their leadership positions throughout the last ten years. One individual is Diana Hartman, who immigrated from the Netherlands to Sweden for Volvo. Beginning in 2014, she’s been promoted to the leadership level and expresses that it’s the best career of her life. Reports indicate that 65% of hired leaders are female with diverse backgrounds, often from sixteen select nationalities. Considering that the majority of employees working for Volvo are male, this shows blatant favouritism that leads to an immediate 35% of five thousand applicants being rejected.

Those wanting to apply for this program will start a two-year training program that goes without any payment opportunities. Six months rotations will be maintained throughout various assignments, with trainers assessing which position is best suited for your leadership capabilities. The senior mentor will guide students on all services and products created at Volvo facilities. Mentors are responsible for selecting the best performing individuals, with 50% of standard classes failing. Taking this risk has its rewards with the Volvo Corporation, succeeding in this program allows for permanent employment. Assignments will begin at floor manager, to product manager, then program manager, and finally a Volvo technical expert.

Similar Programs

The Volvo Corporation isn’t the only international corporation that maintains similar leadership programs. The Hilton International Corporation – Caribbean & Latin America offer the “Elevator Program”. Candidates are provided paid training to become a general manager, which would mean them operating a full-service hotel. However, it’s more competitive than Volvo with eight applicants approved. Furthermore, the program takes eighteen months to complete.