Netflix’s The Witcher a Critical Success

The Netflix Corporation has become the most significant television company worldwide, creating shows that have become cult classics. These include notable shows like the Stranger Things or House of Cards. When people were beginning to believe that Netflix’s time to shine was over, they showed the world The Witcher. Quickly this show has become the most in-demand worldwide and outranked the Mandalorian. It’s been topped as the second highest-rated and viewed show on Netflix since they began offering their streaming service.

This popularity comes mainly from the success of the Witcher brand for the last three decades. This franchise culminates in numerous novels and a video game franchise that dominated the world. Millions of fans globally waited for the live-portrayal of the Witcher franchise, praying that Netflix wouldn’t ruin this show with various societal requirements. Luckily, these fans weren’t disappointed. The Witcher proved to honour its source material, focusing in on the novels. It’s prompted significant fandom, with millions of other becoming acquainted with the Witcher for the 1st time.

Catering to the Fandom

Analysts on Pop-Culture Fandom from the Xavier University noted that consumers would grasp for additional seasons of the Witcher moving forward. However, the chances that this show will receive a yearly season upgrade is unlikely. Henry Cavil is a Hollywood A-list actor who maintains his role as Superman, with numerous other projects in the works. Netflix is required to work around his schedule, causing potential delays of twelve months. This prompts a significant challenge for the Netflix Corporation, who are aware that servicing the fandom of any franchise is critical towards its growth. Subsequently, rumours have begun circulating that Netflix will make a tie-in series with other actors. Similar to how the Walking Dead was filled in throughout the summer by “Fear the Walking Dead”.

This was one of the critical errors HBO made with Game of Thrones, leaving consumers to wait upwards of two or three years for a new season. Even though the tie-in series wouldn’t revolve around Geralt Riveria, it would remain in the same universe and surely have both shows connect in various capacities. It should be noted that Netflix hasn’t provided any confirmation towards these rumours and that investment meetings haven’t projected any funds towards their Witcher franchise. Subsequently, this inside-rumour is more than likely an idea floating amongst the executive of Netflix. It would take upwards of a year or longer for any potential sequel series to be created.