Monthly Archives: June 2020

Naughty Dogs Rebounded Success for TLOU

The PlayStation Company & Naughty Dog are secretly expressing their joy after releasing “The Last of Us Part II”. It prompted significant sales for the newest entry into this saga, seeing four million copies sold in less than several days.

The Last of Us Two Storyline Becomes Unsuccessful

Millions of PlayStation gamers are disgusted in Naughty Dog, a developer that infamous for creating the best storylines seen in modern era gaming. This hasn’t been the case with “The Last of Us II”, which has received significant criticism over

South Koreas Coronavirus Success is Failing

Last month it was being reported worldwide that South Korea had successfully defeated the novel coronavirus. It prompted government officials to lift social distancing measures in South Korea. Physical distancing was eased, manufacturing facilities relaunched their operations, and educational facilities

LA National Guard Mission Deemed Successful

The Los Angeles Police Department received assistance from their local National Guard, which was sustained throughout 72 Hours. Initially planned for several days throughout burrows in Los Angeles, the timeframe was decreased after protests became peaceful. An influx of demonstrations

Lord of the Rings Reunion is Successful

Nobody would’ve anticipated that the novel coronavirus would bring old castmates from Lord of the Rings back together. This follows after the group of notable actors hadn’t been seen for 10+ years, bringing fans of the original trilogy plenty of