The Last of Us Two Storyline Becomes Unsuccessful

Millions of PlayStation gamers are disgusted in Naughty Dog, a developer that infamous for creating the best storylines seen in modern era gaming. This hasn’t been the case with “The Last of Us II”, which has received significant criticism over its storyline. That’s because everything that was enjoyed about the 1st entry into this saga was destroyed in TLOU2.

There are minor highlights to this game, with the graphics being considerably better than anything ever before seen. Gameplay extends beyond expectations, creating varied opportunities for stealth & immediate engagement. What benefits The Last of Us: Part II, fails in comparison to how the storyline disturbs & distracts gamers from remotely enjoying the gameplay.

Spoilers Below

Online reviews from the original game clarified that the 2nd entry kills Joel, the father-figure to Ellie. Joel was a fan-favourite character from gaming history & his return was highly anticipated. Naughty Dog was aware of this after their initial announcement for The Last of Us: Part Two, pre-emptively knowing that his death would anger the community. Their dedication to providing “An Apocalyptic Story” avoided all possibilities of former characters receiving any justification for their endless battles.

Storyline details would continue to show horrific ending for beloved characters in the original Last of Us. This included Tommy, the Brother of Joel. His loss wasn’t taken remotely to the same extent as Joel. Horrific scenes continue to unfold after Abby murders Joel in a brutalized fashion, all while Ellie is forced to the ground & doesn’t do anything to fight back. This goes inherently against everything built behind these characters motivation in the 1st Last of Us.

Fans then aren’t provided vengeance for Joel through Ellie. The young woman is instead defeated by Abby, losing two of her fingers & beaten nearly to the death. The violence shown through this game has left some scarred. It’s being recommended to those who haven’t purchased The Last of Us: Part Two, to avoid the game at all costs. It’ll ruin the initial experience had in the first game. Considering the 1st Last of Us was meant to be standalone, it should be clarified that a sequel could’ve and should’ve been avoided.