LA National Guard Mission Deemed Successful

The Los Angeles Police Department received assistance from their local National Guard, which was sustained throughout 72 Hours. Initially planned for several days throughout burrows in Los Angeles, the timeframe was decreased after protests became peaceful. An influx of demonstrations has been seen throughout the United States after Minneapolis Law Enforcement murdered George Floyd.

It prompted millions throughout America to express their criticism towards systematic racist behaviour. Instead of initially protesting in peaceful manners & holding civilized delegations with law enforcement, protesters destroyed property in multiple cities. This included Delaware, New York City, New Jersey, Washington, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Buffalo. Numerous other smaller towns also implemented their respective protests.

Safety Measures

The Mayor of Los Angeles confirmed that 10% of the deployed National Guard Troops would remain locally stationed. Their permittance to operate throughout Los Angeles will be active until June 10th, with those Troops being returned home able to respond within eight hours. The Mayor clarified his gratefulness towards the City of Los Angeles, who proved that protests could be peaceful & property damage wasn’t necessary.

It should be mentioned that multiple businesses in LA boarded their windows & padlocked their facilities from the inside, blocking the back door to ensure that protests didn’t maintain break-ins. Most companies implementing this strategy still found themselves experiencing property damage, which was nowhere near the extent seen in Minneapolis. Entire neighbourhoods were burnt down & law enforcement was regularly attacked.

The Remaining 250

It’s known that 2500 National Guard Troops were initially deployed, meaning 250 will remain active until June 10th. Their presence will be felt whenever a peaceful & non-threatening protest is maintained. Any violent behaviour shown by protesters will permit lawful force from these Troops, with lethal force permitted under certain circumstances. When National Guard Reps were questioned on the success of their mission, remarks indicated that the 72-Hours needed to obtain victory was unexpected.

Reaching this quick success better suits civilians in Los Angeles, and other metropolises located in America. It should be mentioned that COVID-19 Temporary Legislation permits 7000 National Guard Troops to any American city, meaning their presence can grow by double if protests become violent in LA again.