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Jon Price the Cash Cow

Jon Price the extraordinary guru of sports betting first discovers his talent when he gives his father’s friends tips on horse betting. Every prediction he makes turns out successful. He leaves home as a teenager to study at the New

Unbeatable Sports Betting Guru

Nobody beats Jon Price when it comes to sports betting. He is a terrific guru that uses a sound system to build his fortune. It allows him to predict sport event outcomes correctly. On the other hand, you’ve got to

One Billion Rand Bet by Heineken that More Will Switch To Its Beer

Heineken is one of many beers enjoyed by sports enthusiast when they sit down to enjoy a great game. Some opened the first beer when they placed their bet on their favourite team, while others light a fire and enjoy

Study Reveals Place Favoured by Rich Gen-Xers

Linda Bakhshian, a senior portfolio manager at Federated Investors, revealed the top places where Gen-Xers spend their cash on the real estate markets. The Gen-Xers or generation X is the generation preceding the millennials and following the baby boomers. Gen-Xers