Unbeatable Sports Betting Guru

Nobody beats Jon Price when it comes to sports betting. He is a terrific guru that uses a sound system to build his fortune. It allows him to predict sport event outcomes correctly. On the other hand, you’ve got to give him credit as he is a natural talent with such charisma, that it took him to the peak of sportsbetting and gambling. He sits on all the leading positions on the lists by Forbes.


Can he be beaten? At the moment the answer is no, no one has done so although every sports bettor wants to share in his extraordinary success. His story is that of an exceptional man, one who found the perfect way to forecast the outcome of the most famous sports events.

Why Jon Price Always Win

His predictions range from the biggest golf tournaments to the Superbowl. His fans call him the true titan of betting. Jon Price will be the first to tell you he uses statistical analysis and mathematical thinking to reach success. It is the difference between most losers who rely on pure luck and a winner who wins every time.

The Early Years of Jon Price

When you want to understand the man, you’ve got to go back to the beginning. The living legend, Jon Price, was born on the 28th of September 1973. His parents, middle-class family living in New York. His earliest memory of sports betting is when he was just a teenager. Friends of his father who placed bets on horseracing, often asked him which horse they should choose. In most cases his predictions were spot-on.

New York University – Mathematics Degree

His mother strongly objected to this, but his talent for betting on sports in terms of correct prediction continued. When he became a New York University student studying for his Mathematics degree, it was in pursuit of the dream he had of becoming employed by one of the top financial companies. As a young man, it remained clear that Jon Price had a real talent and passion for betting on sports. Soon he joined the small community at the New York University a closed community of students, all dedicated sports bettors. Jon used his talent to pick winner after winner; soon, the word spread not only amongst the students but way beyond.

Jon Price Hits the Public Spotlight

The students decide to test his talent during a closed tournament that takes place only between university students. The rules were simple; it needed all that participated in wagering on weekly pools. This included the picking of a set game to bet on, to predict the winner. The one with the most significant number of correct predictions takes the pot home. Now many years ago, a pot worth up to $20,000 was a massive amount to take home. There was no surprise at the end of the tournament, Jon Price won every week, he was never wrong. In part two, we learn how he got his reputation as a real cash cow.