Betting on Football: How to Analyse a Match

Soccer betting is, by and large, done by two sorts of gamblers; those who wager to win, and the individuals who wager for amusement only. Whichever kind you are, the ultimate goal is to beat your bookmarker. Even though soccer is sometimes hard to predict, specific rules can be considered, to increase your odds of winning. Read below for some top tips and useful advice.

Team Form

Constantly check the recent, and latest, form of the team. If they are accessible, read the ongoing match reports, to check whether the team was unfortunate, as a result of the opponent’s goalkeeper having an awesome day, and so on.

Home and Away Records

Check for home and away insights. Some teams fare better when playing at home, while others are good when away.

Straight On

Check the history between the two clubs, since in soccer, as a general rule, the history rehashes in a seemingly endless amount of time.

Team News

Be up to date with suspension and injury news. Check out which players are not playing and how essential are they to the team. Are they the prolific kind, or are they the best the team have. Also, check on the players substituting the missing one.


The team morale is essential, check on how the team is motivated. Look at how important it is to the result of the game. Is it a must-win game, are they really interested in the game?


Look at the team’s schedule, tight fixtures usually affect the game of the team. They may be tired and hence not able to play well. Check how their last game affected them and how important the next game is compared to the one they are playing. With such information, you are able to predict the result correctly.