Best Books for Sports Betting

With the introduction of PDFs and eBooks, the amount of literature on sports betting has grown significantly. Just imagine, if you were able to put together all the advice and tips on sport betting on the internet, you would get loads and loads of content.

Being a sports betting website, we have gone through online libraries and stores to find great books on sports betting. We have gathered enough material to form a sizeable library of sports betting books. That’s why we consider ourselves experts on the subject. Here are undoubtedly some of the best books on sports betting from our collection.

Sharp Sports Betting

We consider this book a must-read for anyone who associates him or herself with sports betting. As a Bible is for Christians, Sharp Sports Betting is for punters!

The book covers almost everything, starting with the definitions of various sports betting terms; thus, it is ideal for starters. However, the book tends to focus on mostly NFL football. The good thing is, the strategies and tips can be shared all across the betting genre.

The real author is the famous professional blackjack writer John Ferguson although it has a pen name, Stanford Wong.

The Signal and the Noise

This book contains more than just betting. The book was written by the famous Nate Silver and offers lessons on how to make predictions. It sometimes lapses into complex statistical mathematics, but with real-life examples that make it easier to follow what’s going on.

This golden text fundamentally covers the concept of risk and probability. The book further instructs that, despite exposure to unlimited data, most of us have limited prediction abilities. The author believes that this is the reason why we are so poor at forecasting forest fires, tsunamis, financial markets and earthquakes. He believes that humans can learn predictive mindset.