Serena Williams Success

Interviewed in her Palm Beach Gardens House, the number one ranked female tennis legend has only one message for her fans. That is never to stop believing. The one thing Serena Williams has learned is that no matter the neighbourhood you come from, you never have to remain there. Everyone has a chance to make a success of their life.

For the Williams sister, tennis was an essential part of their lives since a very young age. Their dad was their first fan and supported them all the way. Serena gave birth to Alexis and got sick afterwards, her only option was to re-brand herself. She started her own company called EleVen by Venus.

Serena Williams Professional Tennis Player

Williams won twenty-three single Grand Slam titles as well as several Olympic gold medals. She enjoyed tennis with Venus Williams; the two practised together from an early age. Tennis brought both Williams sister notoriety and wealth and Serena once a top global athlete shifted to fashion after she got married and gave birth to her daughter. The Williams sister was taught that what it takes to be successful is to work harder than anyone else and to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. Today, the perfectionist lives as disciplined as she did during her sports career. Nothing has changed; her lifestyle is still that of a champion; her biggest challenge is to learn to settle down.

Properties Owned by Serena Williams

Williams has a great taste when it comes to properties, and one of her most magnificent houses are the Palm Beach Garden House. The home 7,323-square-foot prominent features a full tennis court and an open concept kitchen, which is where Serena and her daughter spend most their time. In making sure, she can take full advantage of the sunshine; the property also includes a heated pool as well as a spa.

Beverley Hills House

When Serena Williams is in California, she gets to enjoy her $6.7 million newly-built home. She purchased this property after selling her Bel Air Mansion for around $12 million. At the Beverley Hills house, Williams gets to enjoy the use of its extensive wine cellar and yoga room. There’s also a professional poker table in the game room, and the balcony offers a view of the valley. What she loves most is the veranda that opens onto the Baja pool. The only thing this home does not provide is a tennis court.

Williams remarkable real estate portfolio also features her residence in Paris as well as land in Florida and lastly her apartment in France. During a video tour of her home, the one thing that did impress the photographer was her blackboard displaying a quote from Romans 12:12. At the bottom of the verse, she added a note to herself “Welcome Home”. The apartment in Paris was bought in 2007; it has the perfect view for her or Venus when they’re staying in Paris for a few days.