UKGC Reports Industry-Wide Growth

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is using the coronavirus pandemic to incentivize better their continued regulation & efforts to eliminate operators from the gambling industry. Reports released by the UKGC suggest that significant growth was earned through legislative orders that provided more security to consumers. Player activity increased when lockdowns were initiated in Great Britain & Northern Ireland, with margins growing from March to October 2020.

Monthly increases in gross gambling yields are listed at 29%, with active player accounts growing by an average of 7% per month. Statistical analysis was issued by LBO (Licensed Betting Operators), which is another government entity with close ties to the UKGC. Most analysts overviewing the UK betting market emphasis that civilian personnel being placed into lockdown prompted continued growth, not legislative orders implemented before the pandemic.

Searching through the detailed report released by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission indicates pandemic lockdowns for increased revenue streams & player activity. Growth was sustained because operators obtained higher margins, enabling better promotional opportunities & acquisition of pandemic-era betting products. When sportsbooks began introducing eSport gambling, active players grew. Legal betting engaged with online casinos didn’t see extensive growth. This shows that innovative approaches from operators drove market percentages to new heights.

The Highs & Lows

Online slots found themselves experiencing some minor growth, with hourly sessions spent at casinos increasing by 12% for September & October. Those are the two months that exclusively witnessed growth with video slots. Report details indicated in the smaller text that the average sessions sustained from March to October were 21 Minutes. That timeframe is lower than the length seen for sportsbooks of 75 Minutes.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission has avoided lower figures & focused on growth; they believe it their doing. UKGC Personnel promised they’ll continue to remain vigilant amidst the latest lockdown. This suggests additional legislation could be introduced by UKGC Legislators, which isn’t welcomed by industry personnel.