Monthly Archives: February 2020

Swedish Armed Forces Successfully Prepare for COVID-19

Authorities in Sweden have determined that the risk and spread of the coronavirus in Sweden is low. However, to be prepared should there be an outbreak in the country, the Swedish Armed Forces conducted exercises with a mobile lab to

Chroma Labs Becomes Successful

Twitter Incorporated has restarted its economic war with Facebook after acquiring Chroma Labs, a company started by several individuals that previously founded the social media website. These individuals also founded Instagram and are infamous for creating some of the best

NYC District Attorney Makes Sprint & T-Mobile Merges Successful

Letitia James, the New York Attorney General, announced that he wouldn’t appeal the federal court’s decision on Sprint & T-Mobile. Both these telecommunication providers are slated to begin to the long-awaited merger, which has experienced legal hurdles for a prolonged

Leased Building Reaches Ultimate Success in San Jose

The global housing market has exceeded financial expectations, creating a scenario where most can’t afford to purchase new property. For a prolonged period, this extended to the San Jose Riverpark Towers, which provided corporate housing for multiple businesses. Leases were

Potential Vaccine Found for Coronavirus

The medical community is hoping that Thailand Health Officials are correct with the combination of Anti-Virals used to cure an elderly Chinese woman with the coronavirus. These Anti-Virals are used to treat diseases like HIV and Flu. This seventy-one years