Potential Vaccine Found for Coronavirus

The medical community is hoping that Thailand Health Officials are correct with the combination of Anti-Virals used to cure an elderly Chinese woman with the coronavirus. These Anti-Virals are used to treat diseases like HIV and Flu. This seventy-one years of age woman had been tested negative for the coronavirus after forty-eight hours that these drugs were administered. This information was provided through a daily press briefing by the Thailand Health Ministry, with Doctor Kreingsak Attipornwanich leading the conference. He expressed that lab results had proven positive that this unnamed woman appeared negative from this virus.

She was initially exhausted with minimal motor functions twelve hours before receiving the drugs. Afterwards, this woman’s energy levels had increased drastically in a short period. The conventional medicines used included Ritonavir, Lopinavir and Oseltamivir. Findings are now being researched by the World Health Organization, with it being suspected that other doctors worldwide will immediately conduct similar combinations with different doses for the respective patient. Subsequently, Thailand doctors could be the individuals that found a cure for the coronavirus. This would mark a significant leap forward for the medical field, indicating that extreme viruses like the coronavirus can be stopped promptly.

Nineteen confirmed cases of the coronavirus had been located in Thailand, with all of them originating from the Wuhan region. This Chinese territory is currently under lockdown to limit the spread of infection, with Government Officials spraying air-born antibiotics in Wuhan to assist with defining the disease. Thailand has the second-highest recorded cases for coronavirus outside of the Chinese republic, with Japan coming in 1st at twenty individuals infected. Since Thailand acquired their eleven affected individuals, eight have been healed and returned home shortly afterwards.

Support for Wuhan

The Wuhan Region has received an exceptional level of global support for their subsequent lockdown. These individuals weren’t aware of the coronavirus, with government officials suspected of knowing the medical conditions surrounding their citizens days before the outbreak occurred. Supportive messages read “Our Hearts to Wuhan” in Thai, Chinese and English. Government leaders haven’t spoken under the pretence that Wuhan leaders could’ve limited the spread of disease before fourteen thousand globally were infected, with the overwhelming bulk of infected being in China. Following an international video leaked from China, which has been seen by millions, citizens in China have demanded more power to the people. Regardless, the coronavirus marks one of the worst viral diseases since SARS in 2000.