Monthly Archives: March 2020

Bahrain Claims Hydroxychloroquine Treats Covid-19

Medical officials in Bahrain are claiming that Hydroxychloroquine is the best possible treating for Covid-19. This follows after Advisors claimed this Anti-Malarial Drug was successfully used in Bahrain. It should be noted that this information was provided through a State-Run

South Korea Success Rates Increasing with Covid-19

Medical officials worldwide are suggesting that nations emulate the Covid-19 Model from South Korea. This follows after the pandemic continued to drop drastically in South Korea, which has more than fifty million citizens. March 22nd marked the date where seventy-four

Taiwan’s Early Protocols Successful

The World Health Organization is praising the actions of Taiwanese Health Officials, who ensures minimal risk of the coronavirus to 23+ million citizens. Considering that Taiwan was expected to experience the second-highest level of confirmed cases, it’s surprising that there

Drive to Survive Becomes Successful

The Netflix Television Series known as “Drive to Survive” has become a commercial success after the second season. Individuals connected to formula one has praised the new way to showcase their drivers, with Ross Brawn indicating it’s the perfect way