Taiwan’s Early Protocols Successful

The World Health Organization is praising the actions of Taiwanese Health Officials, who ensures minimal risk of the coronavirus to 23+ million citizens. Considering that Taiwan was expected to experience the second-highest level of confirmed cases, it’s surprising that there was a minimal impact. This would’ve followed with the 850+ thousand Taiwanese citizens located through China for business opportunities.

Instead of experiencing an influx of confirmed cases, the Taiwan number stands at forty-nine. They’ve experienced one death, which is being considered a miracle from the government. Considering that countries like Brazil and Canada have experienced higher numbers of confirmed cases, global medical experts have praised Taiwan while also being shocked.

It should be mentioned that the Chinese Death Toll rose past 3100 by March 13th, with most democratic nations expecting that number is untrue and incorrect. South Korea has confirmed more than 7800+ cases of the coronavirus, with 66+ citizens passing away. Japan has experienced lower numbers at 639 confirmed infections, having a minimal of sixteen deaths. These numbers are continually being tracked and updated to global news outlets.

Specific strategies were implemented by Taiwanese Medical Officials early after it was learned that the coronavirus had broken out. Similar tactics were performed during the 2003 SARS Outbreak, which ensured that Taiwan had minimal casualties towards the older virus. Considering that Covid-19 derives itself from the SARS Virus, it’s not surprising that similar strategies provided identical results.

Multiple analytic strategists were collecting data throughout January 2020 of the coronavirus outbreak throughout China, with Jason Wang reporting for the Stanford University Centre for Presentation, that Taiwan would experience an increased outbreak. He was shocked to learn that his estimations were incorrect, with the World Health Organization requesting that other nations follow similar tactics to Taiwan moving forward.

Early Action

The National Health Command Centre in Taiwan has assisted with all national medical emergencies with the 2003 SARS Outbreak. Their tasks include providing a central command post that can focus on the response on local outbreaks. This includes offering transparent communications to various government associations and news outlets, ensuring that updated information is spread quickly. The NHCC also implemented immediate travel restrictions on China, ensuring that the virus didn’t enter Taiwan at the highest percentages.