Fine Smell of Sports Success

Several of the Hollywood stars have launched their own fragrances to celebrate their success and also offer fans the opportunity to enjoy their favourite perfume. While some of the Hollywood legends such as Bruce Willis launched only one perfume, others like Britney Spears and Taylor Swift have a whole range of perfumes.

Manufacturers Selected to Manufacture Fragrances

The manufacturers most used by the stars include Procter & Gamble, preferred by Christina Aguilera for her range of scents including Touch of Seduction introduced in 2015, Woman in 2014 and Royal Desire in 2010. Britney Spears trusted Elizabeth Arden Inc with her selection of fragrances launched between 2004 to 2017. To date, she has released over 22 different perfumes including Fantasy in 2006, Cosmic Radiance in 2011, Fantasy Twist in 2012, Rocker Femme Fantasy in 2014 and Privat Show in 2016. Spears’ Curios marketed by Elizabeth Arden sold well over 500 million bottles since it was launched in 2004. Socialite, Paris Hilton’s range include Fairy Dust, Siren, Paris Hilton Passport, Heir and Just Me.

Sports Star Fragrance Success

Several sports legends have also tried their hand at fragrances and have enjoyed major success. Basketball player, Michael Jordon’s include Jordon Power, Jordon Energy, Jordan Drive and Michael Jordon. Baseball player, Derek Jeter’s Driven is available as part of the Avon range of products an tennis player Gabriela Sabatini in 1997 launched a perfume called Bolero. Even sports teams have been known to enter this market with SSC Napoli in 2010 launching a perfume brand called Marek SSC Napoli.

Cricketer – Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram from Pakistan is a man of many talents and known as a Cricketer, sports presenter, cricket commentator and sports anchor. In 2016 he added perfume to his long list of successes with the release of Wasim Akram 414.

David Beckham

David Beckham is a football legend known for playing for major UK teams such as Real Madrid and Manchester United and now owns his own football team. Beckham’s success is not limited to soccer, he enjoys success in acting, modelling and as a business person. One of his many achievements is the launch of his clothing line and perfumes that feature both aftershave and perfumes.

The former soccer hero is known as the world’s most marketable man and became a popular fashion icon due to his bleached locks, ever-changing hairstyle, man bun, shaved head, frosted tips and headbands. When it comes to marketing Beckham was hired by Jaguar to promote their cars. Diageo asked him to develop a whiskey called Haig Club, while the 91-year-old sportswear brand asked him to model their new range. After launching his first fragrance in 2005, the range now consists of twelve different fragrances.

Christiano Ronaldo

When it comes to sports superstars, Christiano Ronaldo the football player from Portugal needs no introductions, and he also entered the perfume world in 2016 with the released of Christiano Ronaldo Legacy manufactured by Eden Parfums.