Failure is Never an Option for Top Sports Stars

JK Rowling once said that no one might ever fail on the scale that she did, but then again no one lives without failing at some time unless they live so cautiously that it might not be living at all, which ultimately means they still fail by default.

Even the most famous learn most from their failures, which means they not lucky, they just won’t give up, and by continuing to give their best, they become the best. One of the best examples of a sports star that refused to give up is Michael Jordon.

Michael Jordan

Considered the greatest basketball star to ever play, Jordan was left out from the team when he was still in high school. At the time he was 1.80 m tall and was told he was way too short to play, while they also felt he lacked skill. Jordon continued practising as he believed he had the speed, skill, and attitude it takes to play baseball.

When asked about his high school disappointment, Jordan shared that when he was working out as a youngster and even now, when he feels too tired to continue, he only need to close his eyes and visions the list in the locker room that do not have his name on, it is enough to energise him to continue working. He uses failure to fuel his success and is the perfect example that failure is sometimes simply not an option.

Babe Ruth

One of America’s most successful sports stars was Babe Ruth. When he was asked about failure, he said that the only words that ever his mind, when he gets tired, is that every single strike gets him closer to the home run. Ruth held the record of 1,330, which was a strikeout record that could not be broken for almost a decade.

Tom Landry

Famed for the system he completely believed in, some of the players did not at first, Landry realised it and decided to at first simplify the system in order to provide players with the flexibility they need to succeed. By not giving up on it, his really simple system transformed the Cowboys into an unstoppable force, and he became known as the coach that is an innovative genius. Today everyone knows that it was simplicity that finally led to the success of the Cowboys, while Tom Landy will always remain the greatest coach in American football. His coaching victories include 20 winning seasons starting up to 1985, starting from 1966, 13 divisional titles, 5 NFC titles and 2 Super Bowl titles.

Wise Words to Live By

Mark Cuban said in an interview that the times you fail never matters, it is that one time when you succeed that shapes your future, yet you learn how to succeed from the many failures. John Wooden believes it is winners that make the worst and the most mistakes due to the reason that they just never ever quit.