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Spending Your Gambling Winnings!

Like everyone else, you dream years of winning at the casino or with the lottery. Often you not ready for it when it happens. It is most certainly a special occasion when great wealth comes your way. The higher the

Are there Ancient Gambling Gods & Can They Help You Win?

Thousands of people around the world enjoy gambling for the excitement it offers, hours of entertainment and the opportunity to make some extra cash. It all started many years ago with dice games, then classic casino games and now slots

Where You’ll Find the Most Beautiful Women in the World

Beauty pageants are no longer just a parade of the most beautiful women; it also offers betting options. The odds last year for the Miss Universe contestants varied quite a bit and made it quite easy to determine the favourite.

Make the Invisible Visible

A man in China wrote down his goal in 1969 on a piece of paper. He titled it as the goal he will achieve. The goal was to be the highest paid superstar in the USA; this man’s name was