Are there Ancient Gambling Gods & Can They Help You Win?

Thousands of people around the world enjoy gambling for the excitement it offers, hours of entertainment and the opportunity to make some extra cash. It all started many years ago with dice games, then classic casino games and now slots are the most popular. The most critical part remains the possibility to win cash without earning it or working for it. For this reason, many turn to strategies or pray to the gods for luck. In ancient times the gamblers believed that specific gods granted gaming success. These gods were known as the gods of gambling.

The Ancient Greek God of Gambling is Hermes

In Greek mythology, Hermes is the most famous of the gods and known as the divine trickster who is also amongst many other things the guide towards what is called the underworld. Hermes the name also has different meanings amongst the gambler in ancient times as he is known as the god of earning, the god of hazard and the god of gambling.

He was the god that many a gambler prayed to for luck before they participated in any gambling activities. As far as myths go, Hermes, the trickster was able to outmanoeuvre anyone of the other gods, and he loved the doing things for reasons such as amusement. In Greek mythology, gambling has a significant meaning, and according to legend, Hades, Poseidon and Zeus played a game of dice that led to the split of the universe.

Egyptian God of Gambling is Thoth

In Egyptian mythology, the god of gambling is Troth, again he was the most popular of the gods and was known for his wisdom and writing as well as magic. It is believed that he was born from the seed of the great god Horus. His powers had several qualities of that of Hermes, the great god of Greek gambling. According to legendary tales he earned five days when he gambled with the moon and won during a game of dice. He enjoyed gambling and had the power to assist the sky goddess in bearing children.

Aztec God of Gambling was Macuilxochitl

Ahuiateteo was the lord or ancient Macuiltonaleque of Excess, which was a group of gods. The five gods embodied consequences and dangers of all overindulgence, including eating, gambling, eating and many others. Now each of these gods has a name starting with the same number, which is five and Macuilxochitl translated means Five-flower. The other gods of excess also included Xochipilli, Patoli, the god of beauty, song, dancing and games and Ullamaliztli, the god of football. Macuilxochitl was the god first worshipped and only later some of the Aztecs also adopted him.

There were also many other gods, such as the Gambling God of Navajo and the Hindu Goddess of Wealth, which played significant roles in gambling. Therefore, we bring you more ancient history next week about the gods of gambling and luck.