Monthly Archives: December 2019

Coca-Cola Releasing Energy Drinks

The Coca-Cola Corporation is continuing its dominance over North American markets with the announced on their upcoming energy drink. This marks the first time that this blue-chip stock corporation is entering this sub-market in Canada and the United States. It’s

CHTA Projects Successful Market by 2025

New industries are forming in Canada, with estimates forecasting potential profits of $1 billion or more. This information comes after Health Canada, with the association of the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, had issued 819 licenses to grow the product. It’s

Pepsi Releases New Carbonated Beverage

The PepsiCo Corporation has announced a new carbonated beverage to North Americans and Europeans. Named Pepsi Café, it’s themed around coffee and has a flavorful taste, which comprises of Arabic coffee and standard Pepsi. It creates an unexpected flavour that

Successful Content Strategies

The end of the year is quickly ending, currently is the time when marketing professionals begin to hunker down genuinely. This is a time when they also concentrate on creating brand-new material strategies for the next year. To do this