Pepsi Releases New Carbonated Beverage

The PepsiCo Corporation has announced a new carbonated beverage to North Americans and Europeans. Named Pepsi Café, it’s themed around coffee and has a flavorful taste, which comprises of Arabic coffee and standard Pepsi. It creates an unexpected flavour that will undoubtedly pick consumers up with adrenaline-pumping energy. This beverage is slated to release in the Vanilla and Original Pepsi flavours, coming in 12-Ounce Cans in April 2020 for a limited period.

The corporation made a public statement regarding its new beverage. This statement focused on PepsiCo’s unwavering dedication to providing its loyal consumers with fresh drinks. They mentioned that years were spent developing this concoction and that fans of Pepsi will confidently enjoy this product. PepsiCo believes this product can transcend to ice-coffee drinks, caffeine-lovers, and standard cola-fans. However, this product would be maintained for a prolonged period, unless Pepsi finds that the limited edition product becomes popular.

Past Attempts

This isn’t the first time that the PepsiCo Corporation has attempted to develop a cola-coffee hybrid beverage. Their first version came in 1996 with Pepsi Kona. It was released to limited markets but performed lowly in retail sales, forcing the product to be discontinued. Then in 2006, the company revealed Pepsi Max Cappuccino. The Pepsi Max Cappuccino was released to multiple markets worldwide. It’s still offered in European Markets today but hasn’t even reached the North American Retail Sector. The hope with Pepsi Café is that the American public will embrace this drink, potentially allowing for it to operate on a prolonged basis.

The PepsiCo Marketing Vice President noted that the drink’s popularity will take years to develop, but that a good market exists for this product. It’s a significant priority for PepsiCo, who wants to compete with the Coca-Cola +Coffee beverage released earlier this year. Considering that American’s are more suited not to accept new drinks from Coca-Cola, PepsiCo has the opportunity to grasp a niche market with Pepsi Café. Those wanting to try this beverage can start in January 2020.