2019 Sports Betting & Gambling Trends

In 2019 the number of jurisdictions seeking authorised resort will increase, it is believed the process will take place via a bidding process since it is a highly effective way in leveraging gaming used as an economic tool to assist in the achievement of policy goals. It is believed that a gaming oversight board will be appointed in Japan as well as promulgation of the IR regulations, while prefectures are bound to position themselves to be selected by the national government for IR Sites.

Chinese Regulators to Scrutinize Online Industry in Asia

International regulators, as well as Chinese regulators, will start scrutinizing the online gaming industry in Asia, which will include the streaming of all casino games from Cambodia and the Philippines to China. It is expected that changes will take place in the junket industry in Asia since some of the junket positions in the casino operator’s industry will either go out of business or be diminished by Macau as it remains one of the fastest markets.

United States Sports Betting Legislations

The sports-betting legislations in the United States will continue and gain even more momentum as it is expected that a minimum of nine lotteries and government states will start the process of legalizing and authorising sports betting. The rather slow expansion and acceptance of online gaming will speed up in the United States during 2019 since it is fuelled partly by the explosion in sports betting in its digital format and the need for legislatures to make up budget shortfalls.

Lotteries Interest to Rapidly Expand into Sports Betting and iGaming

It is also expected that both the sports betting and igaming industry will enjoy significant growth during the next year. The interest of the lotteries is believed to expand into both fields/industries, which will create jurisdictional tensions and both commercial casinos and lotteries require legislation in addressing these conflicts.

Organizations and private companies, never involved in any type of sports bars, or restaurants will look forward to providing wagering on both online and sports. The fiscal pressure will force more states to respond, additional lottery expansion and more licenses in the retail gaming arena will prompt the licensees of land-based casinos to push back, as they value their existing licenses when you think of the expansions, they may feel these are detrimental to the value of their operating licenses.

Lotteries seeking the opportunity to provide both online and mobile sports betting could be pressured to accept the policies of the regulatory that up to now have been limited to gaming operators only. Tribal and states governments that are in possession existing compacts not contemplating sports betting or online betting will face progressively pressure in overcoming their foot-dragging to open negotiation and in tackling these areas.

The M&A activity could ramp up in the casino operations of the United States since it is almost certain that the online gaming strengthening will continue in online and sportsbook platforms, and operators are expected to remain on the radar for United States suppliers and operators. Related to that, it is expected that the European players will be hunting for acquisition in the US.