Sorare Partners with Gerard Pique

Partnerships are announced regularly for the sportsbetting industry, with two corporate entities reaching an agreement to further growth in various markets across Europe. There are instances where players partner alongside prominent sportsbooks & casinos, with that being considerably rarer. Headlines surprised readers when learning Gerard Pique has made a prominent investment into Sorare, a fantasy football betting platform. Becoming an investor of Sorare is allowing Gerard Pique to sustain a “Strategic Advisor” position at the fantasy sportsbook. Details regarding contractual costs behind this investment weren’t details. However, it’s known that the financial seed sustained by Sorare has reached €7 Million after Gerard Pique’s investment.

Sorare has become popular amongst supporters of fantasy football, with unique features providing players ample opportunity to earn prominent payouts. Eighty clubs are supported by Sorare for consumers to elect from, with different leagues across Europe enabled. The Premier League, La Liga & Champions League are available with notable clubs like Liverpool or Manchester City.

An official report regarding the growth seen for Sorare explains why Gerard Pique would make an immediate investment days later. The report seen earlier this December noted that over the initial pandemic lockdown, player acquisition sales grew by 1000%. Profit margins for Sorare are anticipated to sustain millions by fiscal years-end this upcoming March. The remaining individuals that’ll hold board positions at Sorare include Nicolas Julia, Christian Miele, and Adrien Montfort.

Looking Towards the Future

These executives mentioned excitement behind the investment seen with Gerard Pique, noting it’ll provide potential to grow available products in 2021. Pique himself mentioned excitement in assisting Sorare with their expansion & hopes together, they’ll create the most active football fantasy league in the European Union. Those aspirations will likely be harder to acquire than Gerard Pique would imagine. Regardless, these individuals are entrepreneurs aware of the requirements needed to continue growth. Sorare will become a notable brand but struggle to contend against the likes of William Hill or Bet365.