Make the Invisible Visible

A man in China wrote down his goal in 1969 on a piece of paper. He titled it as the goal he will achieve. The goal was to be the highest paid superstar in the USA; this man’s name was Bruce Lee.

1969 The Start of Goal

He waited until 1971 when he became the star in China and got the central role in The Big Boss film. But it did not slow him down one bit, he wanted to be the highest paid in the US, and soon he achieved more world fame than what he ever imagined.

Goal End Date 1980

His second goal was to have $10,000.000 by 1980 so that he could live the way he pleases. Bruce Lee lived only four years after he wrote down his goals, but within those four years, he achieved both his goals.

Focus to the Point of Obsession

Bruce Lee was known for being so focussed that he was obsessive on all efforts. He never left anything to change, while his unstoppable spirit set him apart from all other legends in Hollywood at the time.

Do it with Your All

Apart from his brilliance, determination and spirit, he also left behind the words that can change our success. Whatever you do, do it with all of your beings.

Not Only Legends Can Achieve Great Things

Mike Castadena is no film star no sports hero; he is the man who had a massive scare in 2016 when his doctor told him that he would need to get physically and mentally healthy and lose weight if he wants to save his heart. At his heaviest, he weighed more than 500 pounds, and he was upset with himself for allowing it to go this far. He had a lot of trouble finding clothes that fit and he had trouble sleeping.

No Strategy Just A Lot of Determination

Castedena had no strategy. He knew he had to lose the weight or lose his life. The choice was his, cleaning our his cupboards from sweets and cookies was the first plan. He tried the liquid only diet, but he felt tired and miserable at the end of the day. He started reading up on healthy food, and he sticks to an only healthy diet, no take outs, no sugar, now carb only healthy.

Confidence in Losing Weight

He never stopped as he knew it could have severe consequences, so he just continued, and he managed to lose 331pounds. He can tie his shoes, buy clothes at any store, and he now feels so confident that he wants to join a gym. Why wait till you forced to decide on a goal, write yours down today, start and in one year from the time that you decide you will thank yourself for starting. Regardless of your goal, whether it is saving money, losing weight or living a more healthy life, it is all possible once you decide to start.