Bahrain Claims Hydroxychloroquine Treats Covid-19

Medical officials in Bahrain are claiming that Hydroxychloroquine is the best possible treating for Covid-19. This follows after Advisors claimed this Anti-Malarial Drug was successfully used in Bahrain. It should be noted that this information was provided through a State-Run Bahrain News Agency, which means the data could’ve been easily falsified to create a better picture of Bahrain’s medical condition.

They’d be one the 1st nations to used the decades-old Hydroxychloroquine, with various sources worldwide having conflicting results from tests with this Anti-Malarial Drug. The Head of Bahrain’s Coronavirus Task Force expressed that Hydroxychloroquine was effective in alleviating the symptoms of Covid-19 and limiting the complications of this virus. However, it should be noted that this isn’t a direct cure for coronavirus and only assists the body to fight off Covid-19.

Medical officials in North America and the United Kingdom are questioning the legitimacy of Bahrain’s announcement. Details expressed that treatment testing began on February 26th, with Hydroxychloroquine typically used to treat Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. These individuals question why it took longer than 30 days for Bahrain’s Coronavirus Task Force to make this announcement. It should be mentioned that a regular implication and liar with Covid-19 claimed that Hydroxychloroquine doesn’t provide any differences in assisting with limiting this virus. That country was China.

Donald Trump, the President of America, claimed that China was falsifying the results shown with Hydroxychloroquine. He believes this drug to be a game changed, with American trails indicating promise towards treating Covid-19. French researchers are now running similar tests to reveal if this virus can genuinely be stopped with Hydroxychloroquine. If this is a viable solution, the Covid-19 Pandemic will become the cheapest and most straightforward to treat in history. It’s for these reasons that most individuals are speculative that Hydroxychloroquine won’t provide the requirements needed to test the novel coronavirus.

Unsupervised Usage

Conflicting information regarding Hydroxychloroquine is prompting numerous citizens worldwide to administer themselves with the Anti-Malarial Drug. This included a husband and wife located in Arizona, who self-diagnosed themselves with having Covid-19. It prompted the couple to administer a veterinary version of Hydroxychloroquine. Both were killed within two minutes after administering this drug. Reports from toxicologists indicated that these two had influenza and would’ve survived with essential antibiotics. Similar situations have happened worldwide.