South Korea Success Rates Increasing with Covid-19

Medical officials worldwide are suggesting that nations emulate the Covid-19 Model from South Korea. This follows after the pandemic continued to drop drastically in South Korea, which has more than fifty million citizens. March 22nd marked the date where seventy-four cases were reported. This is their lowest number since the pandemic began, with their highest valuations of infected cases being 909 on February 29th. Limiting the rate of exposure to these extreme levels in less than one month followed after locking down cities. Authoritarian measures were implemented to ensure that this democratic republic didn’t see increased deaths.

Political analysts across Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe have concluded that Authoritarian measures are best suited for this period of history. Democratic nations in Western Europe and North America are implementing draconian law, meaning citizens can still engage with society with social distancing measures. The authoritarian rule can see individuals thrown into prison for disobeying temporary measures. It’s ultimately to ensure the safety of locals.

Alongside these Authoritarian Measures were also the most comprehensive testing program for Covid-19 globally. Extensive efforts were made by South Korean politicians to ensure that isolated infected citizens were traced, which extended towards their contact with any other individuals. It’s prompted for more than 270+ thousand citizens to receive Covid-19 testing in South Korea. That’s 5200 Test Per-Million Inhabitants, which exceeds the valuation listed with the United States of America. Every 1 million inhabitants are acquiring seventy-four tests. Those numbers are expected to increase by Mid-May but until then could prompt significant exposure of Covid-19.

The MERS Epidemic

This isn’t the 1st time that South Korea has engaged with a virus pandemic. Throughout 2015, South Korean Politicians had to solve an outbreak of MERS. A businessman brought back Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome after visiting three countries throughout this part of our world. Even though he was isolated quickly, it prompted more than 17+ thousand to be quarantined and thirty-six individuals to die from the virus. Nearly two-hundred were infected. Those numbers are minimal in comparison to Covid-19, indicating that previous strategies can work on larger scales.