Drive to Survive Becomes Successful

The Netflix Television Series known as “Drive to Survive” has become a commercial success after the second season. Individuals connected to formula one has praised the new way to showcase their drivers, with Ross Brawn indicating it’s the perfect way to acquire new profits. This is because Netflix is used by millions worldwide, with this series grabbing the interest of new fans. Supporters get to learn about their drivers, the chief engineers and team leaders behind every outfit. It exposes an entirely new version of Formula One.

It should be noted that this feature is cost beneficiary for the Netflix Corporation as well. They pay less than 20% of the standard fees associated with showcasing Formula one event; this is because live races aren’t showcased throughout the streaming platform. Instead, consumers are presented with a more inside look into Formula One, with them still being required to watch races through designated broadcasters like ESPN or TSN.

Ross Brawn’s official statement with 188Bet Reporters, with 188bet being the title sportsbetting partner with Formula One. He mentioned: “I think it was really great to show the fans the other side of F1, because most of the fans have only seen what goes on at the track or the interviews at the track. Suddenly you see behind the scenes, both at the race tracks and at the factories and the bases the teams operate from. I think it gave people a fascinating insight.”

The Discoveries

Associates with Formula One have learned that non-race fans find this series appealing, with them having minimal interest in watching the live events. It causes for promoters to receive an influx of sales with their respective products. Netflix analysts believe that this follows with their extensive coverage of the sport to millions worldwide. It should be noted that profits for Netflix have been minimal with the production of this series.

The deal benefits the Formula International Association more than this streaming service. However, Netflix supported F1 and wanted to create an initiative that saw this sport return to its former glory. It should be noted that all aspects of Formula One have increased in popularity following this series, with this including their eSports Leagues as well.