Jon Price the Cash Cow

Jon Price the extraordinary guru of sports betting first discovers his talent when he gives his father’s friends tips on horse betting. Every prediction he makes turns out successful. He leaves home as a teenager to study at the New York University where he meets a group of betting enthusiasts.

Predicting The Winner Successfully Week after Week

The university students decide to test his talent in a closed tournament held over several weeks. Every week the participants had to pick a winner, the one with the most correct predictions would win the post worth up to $20,000. By the end of the tournament, there was absolutely no surprises as everyone knew Jon Price had won every single week. No one could compete with that and the rumours about his talent and success spread quickly around the campus and elsewhere.

Jon Price Earns A Reputation for His Talent

The tournament on campus is one of the main events that puts Jon Price into the public spotlight. After his predictions were spot on all the time, everyone else is reluctant to bet against him and soon he had the reputation as the real cash cow amongst students and other sports betting fans.

Jon Price Says No to Wall Street Banks

When he reached the ends of his studies, Jon Price had already paid off all his study loans and he had a nice sum of extra money. At this stage, he was already a lucrative candidate for most of the Wall Street banks. He decided against it, even if it was once his dream to work at one of the big financial companies. His focus shifted and so did his dream, he wanted to open his own company, one that would offer sports fans the best handicapping services available.

The Start of Sports Information Betting Traders

After his graduation from the New York University, Jon Price already had a massive following due to his dedicated services and he charged for all services, which brought big bucks in. In 2002 he is the founder of the company called Sports Information Traders. With him being on the East Coast he is already online ready to share his knowledge when Las Vegas bookies open their bookmaker services. Once the lines are available he and his team get stuck into running the optimization tests, using the data and finding the best ones to place bets on.

By evening time they can already see if their investment was successful and it all starts all over during the night. One thing that is super rare during basketball season and also football season is sleep. Thousands of clients now use the services of Jon Price and he only recommends betting that he himself would wager on. His company employs experts and they don’t just study the games they focus most on the line value. Price believes it gives his clients the capability to maximize the best lines. Read in part three how Sports Information Traders starts offering 24/7 services.