Naughty Dogs Rebounded Success for TLOU

The PlayStation Company & Naughty Dog are secretly expressing their joy after releasing “The Last of Us Part II”. It prompted significant sales for the newest entry into this saga, seeing four million copies sold in less than several days. TLOU2 is the fastest-selling property in PlayStation history, with a large percentage of sales accumulating from recent controversies surrounding the storyline.

Those disappointed by the storyline seen in The Last of Us Part II were prompted to return to the original game. It inspired “The Last of Us Remastered” to become the 9th highest-sold game in the United Kingdom over since the 22nd. An 82% increase in sales was seen, allowing for Naughty Dog to earn hundreds of thousands in profits unexpectedly.

Sales for the 1st game jumped by 82%, with the 2nd entry into this franchise dropping by 80% in profits throughout the United Kingdom. Gaming analysts were quick to remark that the controversies surrounding The Last of Us Part II didn’t prompt the profit losses. Similar drops were seen for Naughty Dogs “Uncharted 4: A Thieves End”. Considerable reductions in profits follow with most games because the overwhelming majority purchase the title within several days.

Attributes of this nature infected TLOU2 higher than most games, with the Sony Corporation announcing that the Last of Us Part II is the fastest & highest-selling game in existence. The last game to hold this title for a prolonged period was Uncharted 4. This shows the specific skillsets at Naughty Dog, who are now infamous & known for creating the best Triple-A Titles in the video game industry.

The UK Gaming Charts for May 22nd

Gamers in the United Kingdom have increased their purchasing volumes for new games. Titles that most wouldn’t consider looking at are being reviewed from pure boredom. It’s prompted for games like SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom & Mario Kart Eight to stand at 3rd and 7th place, respectively. Both titles obtained this popularity through the Nintendo Switch, which shows that even amid TLOU2, it’s impossible to stop the reputation associated with the latest handheld console used by millions worldwide.