Blacklisting Huawei Grows More Successful

The United States has aggressively approached the economic war with China. This economic situation was beginning to distance itself from recent memories when the novel coronavirus pandemic unfolded worldwide. This prompted governments worldwide to question if the Chinese purposely released the coronavirus onto their public to implicate lasting effects onto the global population. It wouldn’t be the 1st time that a communist regime implemented this strategy & denied it for decades.

Under the presumption that China released this virus, the Economic War was rekindled by Donald Trump. He’s implemented an influx of Tariffs and Legislations onto all products shipped for China. This included the Huawei Company, which prompted this economic war after it was revealed that their cellular devices were recording the actions of American civilians without their knowledge. They’ve been at the forefront of this war and had to prepare themselves for another onslaught of sanctions, which came into effect on May 15th.

The most recent sanctions limit the capabilities provided to Huawei when releasing products to American consumers. Conventional bans that were implemented by the American Government & Google have remained in effect, with that agreement allowing for all Google Applications not to be permitted onto Huawei devices. This immediately downgraded their capabilities with worldwide consumers, as Google Applications directly compete with Apple & are the primary reason behind consumers returning to Android.

Insiders close with Huawei continuously remark that sanctions, tariffs, and bans won’t affect their operations. Those are blatant attempts to invoke confidence behind their customers. The most recent sanctions drastically deter the production & manufacturing of mobile handsets from Huawei. Intel, AMD, and Snapdragon were informed not to sell their mobile chipsets to this Chinese-established corporation. That means chipsets must be created directly by Huawei, which will take months to complete with the fallout of COVID-19 in China.

Understanding a Challenging Situation

Huawei is slowly beginning to understand that their position in the United States of America is dwindling daily. They’re doing everything to remain a pivotal force in the country, reselling the Huawei P30, which was their last device to support Google Applications. By demolishing operational integrity for Huawei, this Economic Trade War is one step closer to being won by America.