Britain’s COVID-19 Vaccine Success Rate

Locating a vaccine for the novel coronavirus has become one of the most significant scientific goals in the 21st century. There hasn’t been a pandemic of this magnitude since the black plague, prompting scientists worldwide to begin finding the cure. This is challenging, though and requires that civilians be regularly infected with COVID-19. Infected blood is necessary whenever a vaccine is being developed, under any scenario.

The 1st nation that started human trails was the United Kingdom, which is being undertaken by Oxford University. Updates were provided to civilians worldwide concerned about when a vaccine will be released. It was noted that there’s now a 50% chance of success for obtaining the COVID-19 Vaccine. This is because the number of infections in Great Britain, Ireland, the Welsh Islands, and Scotland is depleting rapidly.

Oxford University informed news outlets that the United Kingdom is dwindling its chances of obtaining a virus. These scientists aren’t considering the reality behind a 2nd wave, which is looming for First World Nations like the United Kingdom and Canada. Vaccine Testers will have exponential time to obtain infected blood.

When a vaccine is released, it’ll be named HADOX1 COVID-19. Boris Johnson hasn’t responded to this announcement. Still, from his past behaviour, it’s suspected he’ll provide Oxford University with increased funds to meet the logistical challenges associated with acquiring the Vaccine.

Abandon London

There are members in the Oxford University HADOX1 Team that have stated London should be abandoned as a testing location. The number of infections is to low & it’s better suited for new areas to be scouted. Scientists at Oxford could also work with allied nations like Canada, who are still experiencing their initial wave of the coronavirus. Factoring these attributes into account, that percentage for obtaining a vaccine can return to 95%.

Scientists have accounted for a 5% chance that a vaccine will never be found. Humanity would have to naturally grow resistant to the coronavirus under these predictions, which would become possibly via antibiotics. These predictions are based on the similarities between COVID-19 and Influenza. It should be noted that under the right conditions, human trails on the HADOX1 COVID-19 Vaccine will be completed by September.