Coronavirus Testing in Vietnam is Successful

COVID-19 has barely affected Vietnam, with local politicians immediately implementing travel restrictions and social distancing measure after the virus went global. It’s allowed for no confirmed infections in nine days, with their recorded cases remaining at 270. The Vietnam Ministry of Health also reported that the initial outbreak zone in their nation hadn’t seen a singular infection in nineteen days. National thanks have been provided to the COVID-19 Prevention & Control Task Force in Vietnam.

Fifty-one patients in Vietnam are still contracted with COVID-19, with them being sanctioned off into specialized quarantine measures. The remaining 219 patients have recovered and been reintroduced into society. Not a singular death has been reported with COVID-19 for Vietnam. The VMOH initially anticipated that 443 civilians had contracted the virus, with their engagement in society prompting 30+ thousand to be monitored. The worst-case scenario was avoided with 270 confirmed infections appearing to be the final number.

Health experts worldwide were shocked by the success rate with Vietnam. It was prompted after travel restrictions were immediately implemented, with a nationwide quarantine lockdown being enacted afterwards. Testing on the coronavirus became an immediate step for the Vietnam Government, enabling them to avoid delayed supplies by moving slow. It should be mentioned that CDC Officials located in Hanoi were prevalent in assisting the Task Force.

These individuals have reported their result to superiors back in America, who have then informed the Donald Trump government. The President and his delegates have avoided all data regarding Vietnam’s success rates, with Trump refusing to believe this “Foreign Land” isn’t lying about their percentages and that this CDC Official had gone rogue. Typical ignorance from the Pumpkin President.

Death in America

That respective CDC Official hasn’t returned home under concerns over social distancing protocols in America. The United States has avoided all reliable sources that show reopening the economy this early on would be detrimental. It should be mentioned that 67+ thousand have died in the United States, with 1.1 Million contracting the virus. This could’ve been avoided if Donald Trump and his delegates engaged with the data from this CDC Official.