Most Popular Sports to Place Your Bets

So far, 2019 is yet another year in which sports betting is only thriving to a higher degree than the previous year. More and more people dip their toes in the exciting world of sports betting with a lot of newcomers joining the market. Nobody wants to lose their money, and it might be advisable to venture your bets in the most popular sports where punters place their wagers. Hence let us explore the top sports where sports betters prefer to go.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is probably one of the oldest sports in the sports betting industry. It was made popular by kings and royalty, and it hasn’t changed since. This huge market attracts many punters, and when their popular annual events come up, the numbers only increase. Another positive aspect of getting acquainted with horse racing is the fact that there are many events year-round and newcomers have plenty of opportunities to practice their skills.


Football is a sporting giant globally, considered as not only the most popular due to the fans that it generates but also due to the number of punters favouring it as their sport of choice. The vast amount of pre-game chats and discussion which is usually broadcasted makes it is easy to obtain information from recognized and unbiased sources, before placing your bets. The vast number of gambling companies being involved in sponsoring sporting football clubs is also a clear indication of this close between the two.


After football, golf is undoubtedly the next best thing. Keep in mind that almost at any given time, about 78 players are busy playing on a course. This is providing a plethora of betting opportunities, great odds, and greatly variable outcomes. In fact, the outcomes of golf vary most of all sports in the world of betting.


Boxing might be an ancient sport but is most definitely not dead yet. In fact, with the recent increase in pay-per-view boxing matches, the increased popularity is undeniable. Boxing has managed to gain an increased interest globally. Therefore the betting sites have also shifted their focus on accommodating more matches and better odds for the sport. Various sites offer promotions and other surprises, aimed at getting punters more interested in placing their bets on the great games.


The first tournament which comes to mind is Wimbledon, but don’t be tricked into thinking that this sport is offering limited possibilities. The global tennis calendar is a very busy one with various tournaments and championships being played all year round. There are plenty of opportunities to do practice runs before going in for the great Grand Slams like the Australian Open, US Open, the French Open and then, of course, Wimbledon. Remember tennis leans itself to the possibility of placing bets on sets, games and individual performance and with the latest technology, this can all be done with your fingertips.