Polish Basketball League Partners with Genius Sports Group

Broadcast distribution for sporting institutions is significant, with the selected broadcaster defining viewership popularity. There have been instances of leagues changing their host & finding themselves losing thousands of supporters. Broadcast distribution has changed recently, with distributed content extending beyond TVs & Streaming platforms. Digital sportsbooks can acquire distribution rights from professional sports leagues, with that level of fanfare engagement becoming more popular during Covid-19.

Sportsbetting popularity has increased an average of 42.9% for digital sportsbooks during the pandemic. The social distancing of thousands from their homes caused immediate boredom from March to September 2020 in dozens of nations. Entertainment was acquired via online sportsbooks, with player acquisition margins reaching new highs.

Genius Sports Group is a prominent & popular operator throughout Europe, with GSG sustaining maintenance over multiple sportsbook casinos. Multiple brands owned by Genius Sports Group saw higher player acquisitions in 2020, which saw sporting institutions gain interest in GSGs betting products.

This was proven after the “Polish Basketball League” & “Polish Basketball Association” announced they’d partnered with Genius Sports Group. Sustained as a distribution contract, sportsbooks operated by this betting firm will stream matches in the PBL. It should be noted that this contract is being maintained for ten years & starting during the 2021/22 Polish Basketball League Season.

Distribution Details

The Polish Basketball Association will provide Genius Sports Group with analytics, data, and footage from matches sustained in the PBL. Received footage & data is supplied to thousands of bettors across GSGs sportsbook casinos. Contract details emphasis that distribution coverage can extend towards sportsbook partners in-employment with Genius Sports Group. This means that a multitude of online sportsbooks & casinos could provide live coverage of Poland’s Basketball League by 2022.

Genius Sports Group has grown tenfold throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, making multiple partnerships & seeing their player acquisition percentages increase. This all came after announcing a collaboration with DMY Technology Group II.