Microsoft Reaching for Success in TikTok Acquisition

The Video-sharing application known as TikTok could be sold to Microsoft. This follows after the technology conglomerate announced that they’d held continued discussions with the Trump Administration, hoping to receive clearance to begin acquisition delegations with ByteDance. The most recent meeting for Microsoft was held directly with President Donald Trump, where results in no immediate approval. PR Personnel with Microsoft clarified that they understand & appreciate the importance of President Trump’s concerns with Chinese-based applications.

President Trump’s concern stems from proven evidence that shows the Chinese Communist Party had stolen the data of American’s for years. Their espionage escapades started through Huawei & continued with TikTok. Microsoft emphasizes that under their control, this Video-sharing application can before safer. PR Personnel also clarified that Microsoft had offered President Trump a full review of TikTok’s security flaws & what can be accomplished to avoid the future obtaining of American data.

The Microsoft Company also confirmed that they’d provided the United States Government & the Trump Administration with a list of economic benefits associated with TikTok. Under the current delegations being held with President Trump, Microsoft hopes to obtain clearance to begin discussions with TikTok by September 15th, 2020. There isn’t any guarantee under that this timeline is possible.

Microsoft would purchase TikTok’s services in Australia, Canada, the United States, and New Zealand under the approval of the Trump Administration & willingness of ByteDance to sell. An incentive to receive the endorsement of Donald Trump is Microsoft offering the capability for other investors to enter negotiations. This means multiple largescale companies in America could take control of TikTok, ensuring that American users have their data privatized & secured.

Security Maintenance

Microsoft guaranteed that under their ownership & management, American’s would have their data stored & backed-up until reaching “US Data Centres”. Data would then be deleted on TikTok and USDCs after confirmation that illegal entities aren’t engaging with TikTok. This method would also Microsoft to also guarantee a far lesser degree of paedophilia activity on TikTok, another concern for President Donald Trump. If Microsoft can solve the numerous problems associated with this Video-sharing application, then TikTok can maintain a long lifespan in North America.